Who We Are?

Internet Tekstil is a vertically integrated company from spinning to garment. Company completed its vertical operations in house and as a result of this, decreased the lead time up to 4 weeks in fast fashion orders.

Internet Tekstil employs some 1000 people in its spinning, knitting-dyeing-finishing and garment production carried out in a total of 200.000 square meters of which 80.000 is closed, 120.000 open. The company is based in Adiyaman in Southeast of Turkey, one of the most culturally charged centers in the country.

Internet Tekstil has a daily production capacity of 20 tons of spinned yarn, 15 tons dyed, 10.000 tons of raw fabric, 2000 meters of pigment printed fabrics 20.000 pieces of garments with piece printed and embroidery on. As well as being one of the largest fully integrated yarn-to-finished-product facilities under one roof in the garment sector anywhere in Turkey, the company is also one of region’s largest firms in terms of creating employment.

Internet Tekstil manufactures for internationally renowned brands such as Superdry, Next, Celio, Levi’s, Esprit, Terranova, Palmers, Ernsting’s Family.

Apart from its main production facilities in Adiyaman, the company has subcontracted production companies in nearby cities.

Keeping its competitive edge in price, quality and capacity, Internet Tekstil also cooperates with supplier firms with the express purpose of supplying ever superior service and products to its customers.

Internet Tekstil is an active member of Istanbul Textile & Apparel Exporter Associations (ITKIB) and has been ranked at the 498th level among “1000 largest exporters”. 


Quality Control

Each cotton bale brought to our plant is controlled one by one, and subjected to an Uster HVI scanning. Based on the results, they are classified and moved on the machinery stage.

Then, the process moves on under the supervision of quality control at each stage until the final stage of yarn production, and the production is kept on if a positive output is received from the quality control that desired Uster standards are achieved.


The orders placed by our customers are subjected to a thorough preparation process with great care, and relevant data is entered into the machinery.

All yarn bobbins produced is checked twenty four hours a day, seven days a week by quality control personnel and made ready for shipment.






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